Helping Businesses and Doctors Who Support Patients’ Rights

Medical marijuana is in the forefront of Florida politics. Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 currently allows use of low-potency marijuana to treat patients suffering from cancer and conditions that cause seizures or severe and persistent muscle spasms.

However, voters defeated Florida Amendment 2 during the 2014 midterm election that would have expanded the rights to use marijuana for treatment. The Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative may appear again on the 2016 November ballot and lawmakers have proposed adding diseases for which marijuana treatment is legally available and permitting various other types of cannabis to be prescribed.

Knowing your rights in this quickly changing industry is confusing and yet vitally important. A mistake could put a law-abiding business owner in murky legal standing. A business owner may face criminal charges for an inadvertent, innocent action and a medical professional might risk her or his license.

Walser & Herman Law Firm makes sure your business is in total compliance with the law. Our attorneys explain your rights as they are now and keep you updated on new developments. Our goal is twofold — to make sure your business always remains within its legal rights and to help your business succeed.

Helping All Types of Medical Marijuana Professionals and Businesses

The medical marijuana business is a rewarding opportunity to help patients suffering from painful and debilitating diseases. The industry involves prescribing doctors, clinics, dispensaries, cultivators and cooperatives that deliver marijuana medical treatment to patients. Our firm represents the various entities, businesses and professionals responsible for prescribing, growing and dispensing the herb.

Services Our Boca Raton Medical Marijuana Lawyers Offer

Properly setting up a business involves numerous steps and mounds of paperwork. In the medical marijuana industry, forming a new business or maintaining an existing corporation requires even greater attention to detail. Walser & Herman Law Firm has the experience your business needs to negotiate contracts, form the appropriate nonprofit entity and pull necessary permits.

We remain up-to-date on regulations that impact your business and affect your individual rights. Services we offer to medical marijuana businesses and professionals include:

  • Forming a corporate entity that adheres to Florida’s laws and supports the business’s objectives
  • Counseling businesses on conducting daily operations and creating effective policies
  • Ensuring compliance with U.S. and Florida statutes, including tax codes
  • Helping businesses set up record keeping and HIPAA processes
  • Drafting contracts that govern the relationships between patients, doctors, dispensaries and growers, including agreements concerning vendors, nondisclosure, non-competition and leaseholds
  • Remaining corporate counsel to advise our clients in a timely manner about relevant new laws

Boca Raton Medical Marijuana Lawyers With Experience to Guide You Through the Business Formation Process

Walser & Herman Law Firm represents medical marijuana industry professionals and businesses throughout Florida. For information about forming a medical marijuana business, schedule an appointment with our experienced lawyers. You can reach our Boca Raton main office or our Palm Beach Gardens office at (561) 750-1040 or by email.