Long Term
Care Planning

Chances are you will need assistance in the future with your activities of daily living or long-term medical care. Even the healthiest elders may eventually have difficulty keeping up with cleaning, cooking, yard work, laundry and other manual household tasks. In addition, a chronic medical condition could trigger the need for extensive nursing and health care services. The costs of these services continue to rise, making access more difficult, especially for retired seniors. Waiting until you need these services to figure out what is available and how to pay for it is too late. The time to start planning is now.

Walser & Herman Law Firm has invested more than 30 years into helping seniors and their families make long-term care plans. Our Boca Raton elder law attorneys advise you on options for long-term living and medical assistance and your options for financing these costly services. You can, thus, feel confident that should the need arise, you will be well cared for and not suffer a financial hardship.

Choosing the Right Housing Option

When choosing the right type of housing for yourself or a family member, consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Level of care your loved one needs — whether 24-hour nursing care or minor assistance with daily living
  • Ratio of staff to residents and the staff’s demeanor and rapport with residents
  • Food quality, nutrition and choices, including whether the facility can accommodate special diets
  • Whether the space allows for independence and privacy, as dictated by your loved one’s medical needs
  • Opportunities for social interaction with other residents and guests
  • Availability of dementia care, if needed
  • Costs and negotiable payment arrangements
  • Possibility of a homecare option, given your relatives condition

Also, to maintain a stable environment, consider medical and assisted living needs at present and in the future. You do not want to uproot your loved one as his or her medical condition progresses and requires greater care.

Housing Options Available for Long-Term Care

Seniors who have a debilitating illness or dementia often demand 24-hour medical care and constant supervision. Most families are not equipped to provide these services in the home. The highest level of secure facility may be warranted in these cases. However, many seniors are living longer and healthier lives. The senior housing market has responded with numerous options best suited for a variety of circumstances.

Some housing options to review include:

  • Retirement community
    A healthy senior may not need or want the restrictions integral in other housing options. Retirement complexes often have onsite services and age-appropriate amenities, in addition to opportunities for social interaction with other seniors.
  • Assisted living facility
    Assisted living housing provides varying levels of care and supervision, depending upon your loved one’s health and circumstances. Some specialized assisted living facilities provide dementia care.
  • Home health aid or nurse
    Your loved one may prefer to stay in her or his home. Although generally expensive, a home health aid can help your family member with activities of daily living and a nurse can monitor health or provide limited care.
  • Nursing home
    A nursing home offers round-the-clock medical attention and monitoring for seniors with severe illnesses or injuries. Staffing the nursing home with medical professionals tend to drive up the costs of this high-level long-term housing option.

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